June 17, 2019 | 4 min read

Texting in the Age of Customer Experience

Texting in the age of Customer Service

For any brand or business, to survive today they must execute a relevant customer experience strategy based on their target customer persona. The modern customer has been transformed through digital disruption, which has changed how people find information, how they engage with companies, and how they purchase goods and services.

In the age of customer experience, it is critical to understand how technology has modified people’s habits. As a result, it is critical to begin with a mindset around the customer experience. One such way is to understand how customers prefer to communicate – and, that is through texting.

Changing Behaviors

There isn’t any question that it is vital to understand who your customers are, what their interests are, how they wish to be seen, and what motivates them. Understanding these concepts will provide the foundation for your customer experience strategy. Today’s consumers are part of the generation of experience – where they rate everything based on their experience with various brands.

To engage in a meaningful way, you need to comprehend how your customers are using digital transformations to meet their needs. So, you must build upon customer engagement which further enhances trust. But, how can you meet customers with technologies they are comfortable using?

One way is through texting.

Instant Gratification

To stand out, organizations must improve their business processes either through time savings, cost savings, and/or a quality increase. Businesses must also have a vision to successfully influence customers to take action. What better way to embrace instant gratification than through texting?

The way we communicate has changed. It is important to connect with your audience in a way that meets their needs for instant gratification and the right customer experience. In fact, Faye’s Sugar Messaging App allows your company to do just that and more.

Focus on the Needs of Your Target Audience

How can you make your customer’s lives less stressful and better? How do you save them time? How do you take away the clutter that surrounds them? How do you meet them with the right message, every time? Customers will begrudgingly talk on the phone, but who doesn’t enjoy texting? As they’re busy multi-tasking their lives, your company can keep things simple with quick and insightful text messages.

Texting and the Customer Experience

When customers are used to the instant gratification lifestyle, then it goes without saying that they will often value the business who are the most responsive to their inquiries.  

Of course, it is critical to remember that you also shouldn’t text someone without their consent. For instance, don’t send a barrage of promotional texts to a cold lead – that will only create a bad experience for the unsuspecting recipient. On the other hand, you should respond instantly to questions and even, customer support requests. You should even use texting for these types of messages:

  • Setting up a sales call (“Hey Meghan, I would love to help you with that. Do you have a few minutes for a quick chat?”)
  • Sending a quick quote (“Thanks for your inquiry! Our average, our installation fee is between $250 – $750. Do you have your requirements ready? That would be helpful.”)
  • Answering questions (“Great question! Normally it takes us three business days to get the process going. Would you like to move forward?”)
  • Pitching a demo
  • Following up with warm/qualified leads (“Hey Derrick, do you still need a cloud partner? We can send you the details for quick and easy set up. Let me know. Thanks!”)

Remember to keep your texts relevant, but also check for tone and grammar.

Trust is the Key

As you can see, sending a text can easily start the conversation and build trust with your intended customer. In the age of customer experience, the real currency is trust. And, texting can build upon trust when your company has a quick route for immediately responding to a variety of customer requests. In addition, you are utilizing a platform that your customers are already comfortable using. As a result, you can deliver on your goods and services just as promised.

Final Thought

When it comes to texting, it’s always advisable to lead with a customer experience mindset. When you are able to give your customers what they really want, you set the stage for a successful customer experience.