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Zendesk CX Trends Report: Tech Industry 

According to leaders and executives in the IT industry, customer service is the key to unlocking growth. 

However, many teams may not yet have the tools and procedures in place to provide the great experiences that customers desire and demand. 

Tech companies just need to look to their own consumers to kickstart development in this new business environment. Customer service has developed as a major difference among businesses, a top concern for customers, and a profit-generating force in and of itself.  

Following this year’s crisis, 61% of consumers worldwide believe they now have greater customer service requirements. A similar amount of customers would now defect to a rival after just one negative customer experience. 

Let’s dive right in to discover the CX trends of 2022 in the tech industry and how you can align with them. 

CX Trends 2022 in the Tech Industry: Zendesk Report 

1. Customers Aren’t Impressed 

Despite the fact that 73% of IT businesses rated themselves decent marks for service quality, what they’re offering falls short of what customers anticipate.  

In fact, 54% of customers say customer service is an afterthought for the majority of the firms they buy from. That’s a dilemma for businesses that want to wow their consumers and keep them coming back. 

Solution: Emphasize decreasing customer effort, providing faster outcomes, and improving the overall quality of every customer support engagement. 

2. Leaders Aren’t Engaged in Customer Service 

Going all-in on customer service requires buy-in at the top. But while 77% of leaders in the tech industry agree that customer service is critical for their business, 30% report that the C-suite still doesn’t own it. 

Moreover, only 24% of the tech leaders report viewing customer service metrics daily. 

Solution: Implement a customer service-first approach across the company with active leadership engagement. 

3. Current Budget isn’t Enough to Fund a Standout Team 

Customer engagement is on the rise and 46% of tech businesses expect a budget increase of at least 25% over the next two years. 

However, budget expectations don’t meet the predicted demand. Only a third of respondents strongly agree that they’re investing in customer support adequately. 

Solution: Go beyond CSAT and track the metrics necessary to make the business case for customer service. Flare, a Zendesk integration, offers more than 300 end-point integrations that enable you to visualize, process, analyze, and interact with your third-party data in one place. 

4. Agents Feel Burnt Out and Undervalued 

Customer service agents’ roles are becoming more and more important and strategic. In fact, 85% of business leaders in the tech industry agree that agents play a crucial role in the customer retention process.  

However, only 27% of tech agents feel empowered to do their jobs well. 

And it’s a slippery slope: unhappy agents can easily turn into dissatisfied customers. 

Solution: Take care of your customer support agents by providing proper training, tools, and flexibility they might need to deliver better experiences for customers. 

5. Disconnected Systems Confuse the Customers 

When systems are disconnected, agents have to juggle multiple tools. As a result, it gets difficult to capture a single view of the customer. 

90% of customers are willing to spend more money to get personalized experiences. But only 32% of tech agents say that they’re very effective at finding the information they need to meet those expectations. 

In order to get to that point, 31% of tech companies say they’ll need to design and implement new work processes or risk more frustration for everyone involved. 

Solution: Connect your tech agents to all the information they might need to resolve customer issues more efficiently and grow your business.  

Next Steps 

Now that you know the CX trends in the tech industry, you can start aligning your efforts to improve your customer service. Don’t let these common customer service traps mentioned in this article hold the growth of your tech business back. 

Faye mentions in its CX mastery that the foundation of customer experience is how you manage your relationships with them. Zendesk Sell tool, which Faye provides, is an easy-to-use CRM solution that enables you to smoothly run your sales processes.  

What’s more, Faye offers increased efficiency and productivity for your teams by offering analytics, data migration, enhanced CX strategy, and integrations tools. 

If you need help boosting your CX in your tech business, Contact us. Our professional team of business strategy consultants at Faye is always ready to assist you in taking your company to the next level. 

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