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Check out the resources below to see how our Zendesk services, integrations, and expertise can help you close more deals!

See how our Zendesk Support Jumpstart Packages, Efficiency Reviews, add-on products, and industry expertise can help you win more Support deals.

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Learn about our Zendesk Sell Jumpstart Packages, Efficiency Reviews, and add-on products that made us the 2021 Zendesk Sell Partner of the Year.

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This PDF covers everything you need to know about our SunCo pre-sales capabilities and SuCo Jumpstart Packages. Plus, get info on AI Chatbot services as well.

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Flare enables Zendesk users to visualize & interact with third-party data inside of Zendesk. See how Flare can make Zendesk more seamless and scalable for your prospects.

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As a prospect’s business grows, their Zendesk solution should scale with them. Introduce your prospects to Axia for Zendesk to ensure they proactively optimize their Zendesk platform and CX processes.

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Want to make Zendesk even stickier? With Axia for AI Chatbots, we make sure clients get the most out of their Zendesk and chatbot investments with proactive optimization.

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See what your fellow Zendesk reps have to say about working with Faye, the 2022 Zendesk Partner of the Year!

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