With the Conversica Integration for Sugar you can augment your workforce with intelligent virtual assistants and seamlessly synchronize those conversations with leads and contacts.

Integrating Conversica with Sugar brings the capabilities of a virtual assistant to enrich CRM data for Leads and Contacts. Utilizing a multi-channel approach to communicate with your Sugar users, all these communications are synchronized to Sugar and can be accessed anywhere via the Conversica Messages sub panel.

SugarCRM Conversica Integration

Handover Leads to Conversica

This is an automated process; Once a lead is saved; the data is automatically transferred to Conversica using the Job Queue mechanism of Sugar. You can monitor the job queue by creating an Advanced Report using queries.

Display Conversica Conversations

Conversica acts as an assistant to acquire useful information from a lead or contact and uses multiple channels to communicate. All these communications are synchronized in Sugar and can be accessed from “Conversica Messages” sub panel on the lead record.

Transfer Conversica Conversations

Once a lead is converted into a contact, the users of the system can access the complete communication history of the Conversica assistant in the “Conversica Messages” sub panel on the contact record itself.

Display Conversica Dashboards

One of the major benefits is to monitor the Conversica assistant’s performance from within the Sugar. Two dashlets have been developed to show Conversica performance on leads. These dashlets can be added to any dashboard per a user’s preferences.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor the Conversica assistant’s performance from within Sugar
  • Handover Leads to Conversica for Processing
  • Display Conversica Fields under Leads and Contacts
  • Display Conversica Conversation under Leads and Contacts
  • Transfer Conversica Conversation to Contact; once a lead is converted
  • Display Conversica Dashboards

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