Flare monday.com Integration for Zendesk®
Sales, Project, and Support teams now collaborate with ease on monday.com® for Zendesk Sunshine®

Zendesk monday.com Integration

Zendesk and monday.com Integration

Connecting monday.com with Zendesk Sunshine, Flare extends its scope with a highly sought-after integration of two popular platforms. Flare enables users of monday.com and Zendesk Sunshine to synchronize data and display it in both systems, with user-actionable features presented on all Zendesk Platforms – not only Support.

Through Flare, Sales Representatives, Support Agents, and Project Teams can now cooperate efficiently without leaving their respective software environment, while staying up-to-date about what’s happening in other departments.

Benefits of Integrating monday.com and Zendesk

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for employees to change between platforms
  • Decrease license costs by providing relevant data and actions to agents in one single platform
  • Keep your Sales Team and Support Agents up-to-date about a project’s progress once it’s handed over to the project team
  • Enable Sales Representatives and Support Agents to assign tasks and share information with Project Teams

The monday.com Features in Zendesk

  • Select an existing board from monday.com to assign it to a record
  • Show project progress by displaying board statuses and their counts from monday.com
  • Display board members from monday.com
  • Display the board owner from monday.com
  • Enable users to create a board in monday.com
  • Enable users to create a board item on a monday.com board
  • Display related boards from monday.com for a given record

Zendesk Compatibility

The Flare monday.com integration seamlessly connects with Zendesk. Users can synchronize and display data in both Zendesk and monday.com.

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