Looking for additional functionality from the SugarCRM Mobile App like GeoMapping, Check-In, and more? Sugar Mobile Enhanced (Sugar Mobile e) by Faye enhances the power of the SugarCRM Mobile App with cool new features not currently available in any other Sugar Mobile app.

$2,999 Per Year & Instance

( *additional set up fees might apply )

Sugar Mobile e

Sugar Mobile e has all of the features of the existing SugarCRM Mobile App but was built as a completely standalone app. Sugar Mobile e is an entirely enhanced Sugar app built by Faye.

Key Benefits

  • Full functionality of SugarCRM Mobile app
  • Geo Location functionality
  • Finds nearby records of Accounts, Contacts and Leads.
  • Finds records from a certain selected record with a user defined radius.
  • Check-in / Check-out capabilities.

Geo Location Visibility

Sugar Mobile e users benefit from key features such as the Geo Location enhancement which allows you to select an account by location and view that account on a Google Map within the App. Using Sugar Mobile e, you can then enter a selected distance radius by miles, and then the app will pull up every one of your accounts, leads or contacts that are located within your selected criteria. In addition to the Geo Location features in Sugar Mobile e, the app has the out of the box features of the SugarCRM Mobile App, but it all exists within the app itself – there is no bouncing between apps.

If your sales reps have the need to pull up nearby accounts based on their location, Sugar Mobile e will be their best friend. Gone are the days of mapping out accounts, contacts, and leads before leaving for the day.

Mobile Check In’s and Marketing Automation Integration

Sugar Mobile e users also benefit from having the ability to “check in” with one click to accounts and leads, eliminating the cumbersome action of having to log meetings in the app.

For Marketing Automation users, users can view marketing activities, including real time mobile access to recently opened emails, website visits, forms submitted, webinars attended, media downloads and social media posts.


The Sugar Mobile e calendar functions bring your meetings and calls from your Sugar platform into three different views: Month, Week and Day.

Users can click on a time slot and add a meeting and a call directly from the app.

Customize Your Sugar Mobile App

Faye can also build out your own enhanced mobile app with your personalized custom modules. Please reach out to us to discuss building out the features that would most benefit your Sugar Mobile e app usage.

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